Rainbow badge

Rainbow badge

This is a simple cute badge of a rainbow. The rainbow is believed to have many meanings over the years. Some believe it was a sign from God that He would never flood the Earth again. Others believe that there be gold be at the other end with an angry leprechaun. Still others believe in a more boring scientific explanation.

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We spend a lot of our day dreaming about our next badge designs. Inspiration comes from our walks in life and the people we meet. Many of our customers give us their own designs royalty free meaning we can add them to our database for others to order from our library.

You can use badges for:-

  • Collecting
  • Event memorabilia
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Status
  • Identification
  • Placing onto cards
  • Political campaigning

Our badges are always 25mm / 1 inch.

Rainbow, God, Cute

badge of Rainbow


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