Android badge

Android badge

Aha, the amazing android OS/phone. I’ve personally been a Windows Phone 7 (WP7), iPhone and Android tablet user. The Android phone whilst being considered a Geek OS is actually quite easy to use whilst remaining functional.

The iPhone is so common nowadays that it’s always refreshing to see something different. The Windows Phone 7 is sleek and stylish but it’s just missing key pieces of functionality for it to really take off (tethering, good apps & sockets). Yet the Android seems to have it all. Whilst the Android lacks some the simplicity of the iPhone, put an iPhone in an Android user’s hands and it’s like putting them in a sandbox with no sand.

Some cool free apps for you to check out:-

  • Dolphin
  • Wikidroid
  • Sky+
  • Sky News (Good app)
  • MyPlayer (BBC replay anyone)
  • Advance task killer (Utility)

Why not show the world you’re a geek that loves to spread the word. Android for the win

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We spend a lot of our day dreaming about our next badge designs. Inspiration comes from our walks in life and the people we meet. Many of our customers give us their own designs royalty free meaning we can add them to our database for others to order from our library.

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